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Below are some frequently asked questions that are left on our message line.  It is the PCBA policy to return a phone message within 24 hours of leaving a phone message, however, the information below might answer most questions.

PLEASE NOTE:  The PCBA does not have an attorney referral service.  See Item 1 below; the PCBA does not have a fee dispute program.  See Item 3 below.  


1. I need to find an attorney that can handle a matter (personal injury/family law/business transaction/real estate/Will and Estate Planning).  Do you have a referral service?

While Placer County Bar Association does not have a Lawyer Referral Service, you can find PCBA members by selecting "Attorney Directory" menu tab at the top of webpages.  From there, select "Advanced Search" to search for attorneys by area of practice, by city, or zip code.  PCBA has partnered with Northern California Lawyer Referral Service which is located in Grass Valley.  Some of our Placer County attorneys have contact information with NCLRS for the purpose of client referrals.  If  you are a senior or low income, Legal Services of Northern California is another resource.  Links to these two resources are found on our "Home" page on the right side under "Need Legal Help?"  Pamphlets published by State Bar of California on how to find an attorney can be found here.

2.   I am having difficulty with my attorney who won't return phone calls and/or email and/or correspondence.  What should I do?

The State Bar of California has a procedure for filing a complaint against your attorney.  For details on how the program works and the form required, please see this page.

3.  I would like to dispute fees my attorney is charging me as I don't feel or believe the charge is correct.  How to I dispute this fee?

The PCBA does not have a Fee Arbitration Program. Please see the pamphlet published by the State Bar of California concerning fee disputes which can be found here.

4. I think I have been a victim of fraud (insurance/timeshare/credit card).  What should I do first?

If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud, such as insurance or timeshare/real estate, call your local law enforcement agency and file a report.  If you have been a victim of bank/credit card fraud, call your bank/credit card company and report the fraudulent charges and call your local law enforcement agency to file a report.  California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General provides a victim's checklist you might find useful and can be found here.  

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